Lift With Me


If you’re looking to get started with strength training or improve on your form and execution for real results the Lift With Me is the program for you. You will have a complete workout program uploaded monthly to a custom app with guided videos on form and can add on 1-3 live sessions with your trainer per week.

Meet Our Coaches

Renee Doehler

Certified Personal Trainer

Kristan Schettler

Certified Personal Trainer

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“If you want a personalized lifting experience, you need the Lift with Me program. I have loved working with Renee who has completely customized my program to my goals and lifestyle. Our first meeting was discussing my goals, what kind of workouts I liked and the equipment I have so every workout is accessible. Renee is in touch every step of the way to get my feedback on the workout and answer any questions or send videos with form tips. What takes this program over the top is the support to navigate life events that we all face like vacations. By openly communicating with Renee about what I was and was not willing to do, we came up with a game plan for travel workouts. I did my workouts, had a great vacation, and didn’t feel like I fell “off the wagon”. Life happens, but with the Lift with Me program, you can have a life and still hit your fitness goals.”

Shawna R.

“The lift with me program helped me so much! I have worked out for years but just something about having someone watch you and help you with form when you are tired and just want to do it half right is so helpful. Having Kristan on the other end of the phone watching, keeping me accountable and cheering me on just kept me going. I love how helpful and informative she was; lots of good ideas for modifying or if I didn’t have the correct equipment she helped me figure it out! I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!”

Kyla S.