Each of our team members has a unique story. Check out the progress they are making!

“I’ve seen so many changes in my body, my mental health and lifestyle in just a few short months.”

Sarah is a rarity in the health and fitness industry, as her services cover way more than the traditional coaching and training.”

“She has literally changed my life and I am so grateful to have found her.”

“Working with Coach Keri and Team Fit With Me has brought such calmness to my life.”

“Sarah’s love, kindness, understanding, and support continues to transform me.”

“I am focusing more on consistency and showing up for myself.”

“I have hit my lowest weight in seven years, am stronger than I have ever been, and am eating more food than I ever have in my life!”

“This has been the best investment in myself I have ever made and Sarah’s knowledge and compassion for her fit family is undeniable.”

“Sarah preaches total health and how to build a foundation for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.”

“I am eating better than I ever have, yet still enjoying the treats I love in moderation (something I was never able to master on my own). And I look and feel better than I have in my entire life.”

“If you are looking for a coach who is 100% invested in your success, who answers questions, adjusts workouts to fit your needs, and is there every single day, our team is for you.”

“Sarah helped me get my days and meals back in balance and I was able to get my nighttime overeating/binges in control. And I wasn’t going through my day hungry.”

“I’m learning things that will sustain me for the rest of my life.”

“I am so grateful that I reached out for Sarah’s help for this journey. I no longer have to struggle with her coaching me!”

“Sarah is very responsive and informative! She is completely science-based and progresses in her own education to level up her business.”

“It has become a habit and lifestyle to make better choices.”

“Sarah’s program is designed just for me and I’ve eaten more than I ever have and am working out four days a week and feel great!”

“We focus on a lot of personal development that I consider invaluable. I’ve never worked with someone who was invested in my whole well being.”

“Sarah has her clients’ backs. She will be in your corner fighting for you even if you’ve felt like you’ve failed.”

“Is it worth the money? ABSOLUTELY. Period. Does she know her “stuff?” Most definitely. Can she cater to individual needs or goals? Yes.”