Sarah is a rarity in the health and fitness industry, as her services cover way more than the traditional coaching and training.  Sarah looks at the whole person, focusing on all areas of wellness.  When people ask me what kind of a person I am working with (i.e. trainer, nutritionist, etc.), I almost don’t know how to respond as Sarah is at times my nutritionist, trainer, coach, cheerleader, motivator, lab work reader, mental health coach, etc.  She and her team are a true concierge service in this industry.  When I hired Sarah, I had been diagnosed with SIBO and was told to follow a FODmap diet.  

Having very little knowledge on where to begin or how to properly execute this, I decided to reach out to Sarah for some guidance as I had heard she had experience with gut healing and inflammation.  At an all time low, I figured I had nothing to lose by reaching out to Sarah, but had no clue what I was about to gain.  Once she looked over my labs, she immediately knew how she wanted to proceed to help me heal from the inside out.  Using my food preferences, modifying my workouts to accommodate past injuries, and working around my lifestyle, Sarah created a personalized food, supplement, and training plan for me that I actually would be able to sustain.  Sarah is always available to answer any and all questions/concerns I may have, helping me to succeed with my plan.  While I may have been skeptical in the beginning, Sarah told me to trust the process, and I am so happy that I did.  After 2 months working with Sarah, I am down more than 10 pounds, while eating more food than ever before!  But more importantly, I feel so much better!  Not only do I fit into clothes I hadn’t been able to in a while, but I have the energy that I need to run around after my two sons and I no longer suffer from gut inflammation and stomach issues!  I cannot thank Sarah enough and feel so lucky to have her as my “coach.”  

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