“I am focusing more on consistency and showing up for myself.”

“Well, where do I start? Since a young girl I have struggled with my weight; I had been the butt of jokes more often than I care to realize and for over 20 years and I have tried and failed at every “diet” plan there is.
After many years of struggling, and then seeing family members be successful with weight loss surgery, I took the plunge and also went under the knife thinking all my problems would be solved. But I sure was wrong.

With the help of weight loss surgery, I was able to lose over 100 pounds, and then life happened and I gained 50 of those pounds back. Then came my decision to try out Keto and all was good for awhile but it was something I could never be truly consistent with (just like everything else).

Then back in August of last year I saw an Instagram peep talk about working with Sarah, so I started watching her journey a bit more. Being that I had never worked with a coach before, I was extremely nervous about making the decision to work with someone, not only because of the many horror stories I have heard from people in the past, but I was truly ashamed and was scared that this to would be something that I would fail at. But the little girl inside of me kept nagging at me to just take the leap. So that is what I did in September – as nervous as I was, I drove head first in with Sarah as my health and life coach.

The last four months have been more eye opening into nutrition and an overall healthy/fit lifestyle. And that means emotional and physically. Sarah has been my biggest hype woman and has been there during the tough times to not only be a listening ear but to also be an encouragement because she gets it! She may not have walked in my shoes but she can definitely relate because she has her own journey that she is traveling.

Sarah has helped me get to the point in my journey where rather than being fixated on the number on the scale, I am focusing more on consistency and showing up for myself, day in and day out, because she has taught me to realize that I deserve that respect. And because of that, I will forever be grateful for her.”


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