What We Offer


Fully customized fitness and nutrition plans to help you achieve your goals and be successful FOR LIFE.

Team Fit With Me


Concierge nutrition, training, and lifestyle coaching. This program is comprehensive with unlimited support and education to teach you how to reach your goals and incorporate healthy living into your busy life. All plans focus on healthy from the inside out and are tailored to your needs with customized nutrition, training, strategies, and support.

Lift With Me


If you’re looking to get started with strength training or improve on your form and execution for real results the Lift With Me is the program for you. You will have a complete workout program uploaded monthly to a custom app with guided videos on form and can add on 1-3 live sessions with your trainer per week.


“Sarah has helped me get to the point in my journey where rather than being fixated on the number on the scale, I am focusing more on consistency and showing up for myself, day in and day out, because she has taught me to realize that I deserve that respect. And because of that, I will forever be grateful for her.”


“Sarah is a rarity in the health and fitness industry, as her services cover way more than the traditional coaching and training.  Sarah looks at the whole person, focusing on all areas of wellness.”