Easy Prepped Lunch

Enjoy this easy lunch! I do not season most of my mass-prepped food so I can use ingredients for various recipes.


  • Top round London broil sliced thin

  • Steamed broccoli (I have a double decker steamer and love it)
  • Potatoes boiled in instant pot. I do a bag at a time of russets and added 2Tbl of light sour cream, salt, and pepper for this meal
  1. Whisk all ingredients together, add almond milk slowly at end until reaches desired batter consistency
  2. Pour into waffle maker or into pan for pancakes (can add extra egg whites to thin batter for crepes too)
  3. Serve plain, with sugar free syrup, add berries on top, low fat cottage cheese

For entire meal

  • Cals
  • P
  • C
  • F