“Sarah preaches total health and how to build a foundation for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.”

“Sarah is the best investment you’ll ever make for your health. I would call Sarah the perfect blend of knowledge and heart that makes her exceptional at being a coach.

Sarah preaches total health and building a foundation for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Her knowledge blows my mind and on a weekly basis. I love her data driven approach and she breaks it down in a way so I can understand why what we’re doing is important. We dig into all aspects of health and she is not shy about any subject, trust me. She’s made me blush a few times on the topics of hormones and digestion!

But Sarah’s heart. . . now that is something truly special. I think people forget how much of this journey is an emotional one and Sarah always seems to know when I need a cheerleader, a kick in the butt, or space to be vulnerable. She has changed what I though was possible by showing me how capable I am of changing my life  She’s giving me the tools to succeed but also reminds me that I have to use them. Thanks to Sarah I feel like I am finally getting off the sidelines and living the life I’ve always imagined.”

– S.R.

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