“I am really enjoying my time with Sarah – I think anyone and everyone could benefit from joining her team!”

“I have been very active most of my life as a former crossfitter and half marathon runner. I’ve tried everything and love most ways of moving my body. My problem has always been consistency.

Once everything shut down due to COVID-19 I spent a couple of months being quite lazy but I knew I had to find something to keep me motivated and consistent. I had been playing around with the idea of a coach and after finding out my sister had hired Sarah I jumped right in!

Sarah was and is everything I was looking for in a coach. She believes clean, whole food is key, that weights are going to be the thing that changes your life (YES!), supplements are important (and man, does she know her stuff), and that being straight up honest is really what we all need and want in a coach (don’t get me wrong she is super sweet!).

In my time with Sarah my body composition has changed unlike any other time. I have also learned way more than I thought I would! Here are some examples: macro counting and tricks to hit my macros, how to “cut” in a healthy way, how to really recover, supplements based on feedback and lab reads, cool new lifts in the gym, and some fun toys to add to my home gym.”

– Keri

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