“It has become a habit and lifestyle to make better choices.”

“As someone who has been on a roller coaster of weight loss/gain for my entire life, working with Sarah has been amazing!

A little of my background: I’ve lost 100lbs “on my own” then got pregnant and gained most of back. I wasn’t able to lose it again and turned to bariatric surgery and was able to lose most of what I had gained back in a short amount of time but that was it.

I was STUCK. I had stayed the exact same size for a while year when I finally decided I needed something different because eating 1,000-1,300 calories a day was not doing anything for me. My metabolism was a mess from all my ups and downs.

In my first two months I lost SEVEN INCHES! I am eating way more calories than before with lots of carbs and protein and am able to fit in whatever “treats” I wish without derailing progress. It has become a habit and lifestyle to make better choices.

I originally started with the three month program but didn’t want it to end there and know I can continue making amazing progress with Sarah so I signed up for the whole year!”

– C.H.

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