“Sarah helped me get my days and meals back in balance and I was able to get my nighttime overeating/binges in control. And I wasn’t going through my day hungry.”

“When I first came to Sarah I had a goal of starting to build strength and consistency in the gym. I hadn’t worked out consistently in a long time and I knew that I would have to start out from the beginning again. I needed help managing it in a way that I wouldn’t burn out. 
While looking for a coach I had seen so many that didn’t seem to approach workouts in a sustainable way. They all seemed to really promote just going all out and “killing” every workout or a “no excuses” attitude. 

I know that with my history that wouldn’t work for me. I am really stubborn and have a tendency to push WAY too hard and burn out. I didn’t need somebody to push me, I needed somebody to help reign me in, someone to help me have patience with where I was in my health journey and somebody that had enough knowledge and training to gear a program specifically for me.

Another goal that we worked on was getting a more balanced diet. I was basically barely eating all day and the having nighttime binges every night when I got home. From life stressors I had found myself in a survival mode pattern and I needed guidance on how to work my way out of it. Starting a new diet with tons of restrictions wasn’t going to work for me. Sarah helped me get my days and meals back in balance and I was able to get my nighttime over eating/binges in control. And I wasn’t going through my day hungry. We looked at my day and strategized habits I could establish to feel good through the whole entire day.

Finding somebody that I could trust to work with me and make a plan custom to me was the best investment in my health that I could have made in this point of my journey.  I have established healthy habits of self care and nurturing that I have been able to hold onto even when life gets super crazy (holidays, moving, WFH, distance learning, etc.) and that can’t be measured on the scale or by a measuring tape.

But, on a more fun an aesthetic note I have lost about THIRTEEN POUNDS and over TEN INCHES from four measuring points, gone down a jean size, and my overall body composition has changed. My body is slowly lifting and getting a nice shape and as a 42-year-old mom of three that has overall lost 90 lbs from her highest weight that right there is magic!”

– Angela

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